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The Glory Boys Podcast - Episode 001

Welcome to the very first EVER episode of The Glory Boys Podcast. In this episode we will be discussing how we got into our careers, how we met, how we started a successful creative business, and introducing what this podcast is all about! In this episode, we dive in to how Austin sucks at sales, Darren's first camera purchase, our awkward first interaction, and the process of bringing the idea of Glory Visuals to life. We hope you enjoy!

It has been an amazing and crazy three years as a company. Glory Visuals started because two guys found their passion and had a vision for what they wanted to do and what they wanted to create. Everybody has a story about how they got started and these guys are no different.

Austin: I got introduced to cameras and making videos through tech youtubers. I thought: wow, what a great life. Get free products from big tech companies, get new phones, shoot awesome videos in a New York City studio and that’s all you have to do. So I bought a camera, Canon 70D, and learned camera settings and how to shoot videos and bought a lighting system off Amazon. I loved it. I shot my first video and it’s still on my channel. I didn’t have a tripod with a pan head so i put my camera on a desk chair and moved the chair around so it panned. I had the first video and then realized I had to buy all the products to review for a long time and I needed subscribers before people would sponsor or send me products. I quickly learned that was not a realistic career path. I stopped shooting for about a month before I started working for James, a local videographer. It was such an awesome opportunity because that mentorship was huge. He had made a post on Facebook looking for a second shooter for weddings. I put a comment on there and out of maybe 60 comments he chose me. I still have no idea why. I worked for him for about six months and shot maybe 15 to 20 weddings with him. That was where I had learned everything that I knew when starting our business. I did that part time and still had my full-time job in sales, which I hated. I was a terrible salesman. So I was using the camera that I had bought to shoot with James and shoot content for My City which is where I met Darren.

Darren: My story is a little different. I am from LeMars, Iowa. I started my company in 2013. I was in college taking graphic design classes and didn’t like it so I took photography classes. My mom said that she would go in with me on a camera. We were looking for a camera and the one we chose was not the worst but not the best. It was in the middle of the price range and it was the Canon T3 Rebel with a kit lens. I was so excited, I shot everything. My professor let me borrow this really nice lens and i was still new to gear at that point but i noticed that when I shot with this lens my photos looked significantly better. I fell in love with it. I had started working for a ministry in my hometown and at a coffee shop. I had some mentors that were really great and were for me and were such a blessing while starting my career. So I started His Glory Productions. I did everything. Photography, videography, and even jingles. I bought a professional camera, Canon 6D and 35 mm f1.4 lens. I still have it to this day. It probably has a million shutter counts on it. While building this company, I had gotten a job offer in Omaha for another company. The company ended up going under but during that I had found My City Church.

After meeting, Darren and Austin ended up nerding out over cameras and gear. The first project they worked on together was for church and it was a sermon series and it had to be done for the next day. After some time, they started working on building a business while still working full time jobs. Both would get off at 5 and then work on building Glory Visuals, sometimes until midnight. They made sure to build out everything they needed for it.

The guys knew they wanted to go full time with Glory Visuals, but were waiting until after Darren got married. Austin knew he was getting fired. Literally knew the exact day he would be done and it was a month before Darren was supposed to get married. Instead of getting another job for a month, Austin thought about suggesting going full time earlier than planned. Well, the company Darren was working for was going under and was let go. The timing was perfect and Glory Visuals was born.

So much has come from these guys and this company. They had their best year in 2020, hired a full time employee, built a team of photographers and videographers at My City Church, and have had many photography businesses created because of the training from Darren and Austin.



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