Glory Visuals was born shortly after we met working together on church video projects. Recognizing the need for video content in Omaha, Nebraska, we decided to partner in launching a brand new video production company. We have a passion for creating fresh and artistic visuals for businesses and individuals.
We specialize in commercial/promotional content, wedding films, and music videos.
We can't wait to work with you,
Darren & Austin
Darren & Ausin


Darren Clausen


Darren began with photography in his small hometown. From there, he began to shoot videos and landed a job in Omaha were he continued to create content. Darren has a love for telling stories, building brands and making impactful films. He also loves coffee, skateboarding, music, and of course his wife Mariah and dog Lola.

Austin Hall


Austin found a love for camera tech watching reviews on Youtube. When he bought his first camera, he instantly fell in love. Over the years, he has developed a passion for not only the tech involved, but the story and depth that filmmaking brings. Austin loves gaming, his wife Kali and his two cats, Cloud and Daisy.