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Here is a list of the services we provide:

Frequently asked questions

about Social Media Content

We sure can. A lot of companies’ work can be a little bit “dry”, and / or not easy to grasp for audiences that are not familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. But, as your production and marketing partners, our writers, producers, and editors will make sure that the video we create for you is universally compelling while staying true to your work. We are a young, creative bunch that knows how to speak to a diverse range of target markets.
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There are a lof of things we can do to sort through this! Our team is highly specialized in traveling and producing pieces with teams that are distributed geographically. Wherever your team is, we will get a trusted crew to them. And whether it’s the same crew traveling or a few different crews covering separate locations, the footage will be of identical quality and look. We will guide your staff every step of the way, sending them detailed guidelines, running tech checks, and getting them spot-light ready via rehearsals.
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We specialize in unscripted interviews. We create a conversational setting which frees your staff to comfortably and effectively deliver their talking points. If you’d rather have your staff stick to a script, our writers and producers will work with you to make sure their remarks flow smoothly. Whatever your approach, leave it to Glory Visuals to make everyone’s performance shine.
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Yes! Whatever the reason – ongoing renovations, aesthetic concerns, foot traffic, ambient noise – we can help. We can scout your office and find a solution there, or recommend a number of alternative spaces near you that look exactly right and are within your budget. And of course, we can integrate your brand with the new location so no one thinks twice about it.
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tell your story

Here is a list of the services we provide:
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Logo Design and Redesign
  • Brand Strategy Consulting
  • Corporate Branding Solutions
  • Product Branding and Packaging
  • Visual Brand Language
  • Brand Messaging and Voice
  • Social Media Branding
  • Personal Branding Services
  • Brand Storytelling and Content
  • Startup Branding Packages
  • Rebranding Strategy and Execution
  • Digital Branding Solutions
  • Event Branding Services
  • Brand Consistency Audits
  • B2B Branding Strategies
  • Brand Refresh Services
  • Non-Profit and NGO Branding

Frequently asked questions

about Branding

Our branding services encompass a comprehensive range of activities tailored to establish and enhance your brand's identity. This includes developing a unique brand
strategy, creating a distinctive logo and visual language, formulating brand messaging and voice, and ensuring brand consistency across all platforms. We also provide specialized services like rebranding, digital branding, and personal branding, depending on your specific needs.
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Branding is crucial for any business as it establishes your identity in the market, sets you apart from competitors, and creates a lasting impression on your target audience.
Effective branding leads to increased recognition, customer loyalty, and can significantly influence purchasing decisions. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about communicating
what your business stands for and building a connection with your audience.
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The duration of the branding process varies depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. We
start with a thorough consultation and market research phase, followed by the design and development of branding elements, and conclude with the implementation and
rollout strategy. Throughout the process, we ensure timely communication and work efficiently to meet your timeline without compromising on quality.
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Yes, we offer rebranding services. Rebranding involves refreshing or completely overhauling your existing brand to better align with your current business strategy,
values, and target market. This process can include changing the name, logo, visual identity, and messaging strategy of your brand. Rebranding is a significant step that
requires careful consideration and strategic planning, and we guide you through every step to ensure the transition is smooth and successful.
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With Branding

You can:

Here is a list of the services we provide:

Establish a Strong Brand Identity:

Branding services help in developing a distinct and recognizable brand identity. This
includes creating a unique logo, color scheme, typography, and overall visual aesthetic
that reflects the company's values and mission. A strong brand identity is crucial as it helps businesses stand out in a crowded market, fosters brand recall, and establishes a
professional image.

Build Brand Consistency and Trust:

Consistency in branding across all customer touch points
– including marketing materials, website, social media, and packaging
– is vital for building trust and credibility with your target audience. Branding services ensure that every aspect of your brand's presence is aligned and consistent, which reinforces your brand's message and builds confidence among consumers, leading to increased customer loyalty and trust.

Communicate Brand Values and Story Effectively:

Branding services facilitate the effective communication of your brand's values, story,
and unique selling propositions to your audience. By clearly articulating what your brand stands for, you can connect emotionally with customers, differentiate from competitors,
and create a loyal customer base. This storytelling aspect of branding is powerful in creating an emotional bond with customers, which is essential for long-term business

With Social Media Content,

You can:

Here is a list of the services we provide:

Showcase your Business

As one of the top commercial video production companies in Nebraska, we love to keep the standards of our video production services high. We want to understand what our clients' strategies and goals are before we start their video production. We know that finding and hiring a TV commercial production company requires time and research, and we are here to make the whole process faster and easier for you. ​

grow your audience.

We have been working on a wide range of commercial production company projects for clients and companies in different industries: Tech, Fashion, Beauty, Medical, Products, Services and more. Promoting a product or a service through working on a commercial production takes time, and we continuously provide updates to our clients throughout the process. We work closely with them to go over the concept, the schedule, the budget, and deliverables.

take it easy.

Our goal as one of the TV commercial production companies in Nebraska is to constantly exceed our clients' expectations and retain their business. ​Our TV commercial production house offers services ranging from pitching different ideas, treatment development and scripting, to pre-production, casting, hiring the crew, location management, production design, set building, hair, makeup, wardrobe, directing, and finally post-production. In addition to working with companies and brands, we are always thrilled to collaborate with other commercial production companies as well.
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