ROCKWOOL Enhances R-Class Builder Program Through High-Quality Photo and Video

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ROCKWOOL Enhances R-Class Builder Program Through High-Quality Photo and Video

The Customer: ROCKWOOL

The ROCKWOOL Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation. They offer a full range of high-performing and sustainable insulation products for the construction industry.

Their insulation products are based on innovative stone wool technology and today they are the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation.

ROCKWOOL R-Class is a premium partnership program for builders who demand more.

It’s a community for those who take pride in their craft. They use high-performance materials and installation techniques to ensure their homes are comfortable, beautiful, efficient and built to last.

The Goal: Enhance Attractiveness of R-Class Builders Program

ROCKWOOL first approached us while we were filming for another client, covering a local home build. They were a sponsor on the build and wanted to take advantage of their product’s incorporation into the home through professional photography. The goal of our photoshoot with them was to provide them with stunning imagery to use throughout their R-Class website, brochures and other materials to align with the caliber of their builder partners. R-Class is an elite group, and we wanted to provide them with elite content to match.

The Solution: A Keen Eye

We wanted to spice up photography in an industry that is typically run-and-gun, with little lighting or planning efforts. We did this by bringing our director to work with the talent while the rest of our team focused on setting up lights and bringing an additional layer of “wow factor” to the photos. We utilize a wide range of LED lights, which provide flexibility and options never possible before for a smaller crew. We were able to hide our high-end LED tube lights in the house rafters and support beams, creating unique and professional lighting effects without the need for large booms or support crew. This, combined with our eye for composition and detail, produced photos that blew our contact at ROCKWOOL away. To put it into her words: “They’re great!! I’m really happy with your work.”

The Result: R-Class Attracts The Elite

Nothing feels better than seeing a client implement your product into their business – besides seeing it work.. When we first viewed the R-Class page, it had a very “stock” feel to it. However, shortly after we delivered the photos, we began to see them implemented with other design elements – and it completely changed the feel of the page. What once lacked the passion and energy that is this incredible product line now feels like something any aspiring builder should desire to be a part of. We believe this organic content will fuel more talented builders joining the program, and are continuing to partner with ROCKWOOL to produce R-Class video and photo content, much of which is exclusive to their builder partners.

Here are some impressive metrics.


hours filming our clients


Completed client videos


bottles of water crushed

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