Top 5 Pieces of Video Gear in 2024

Our Top 5 pieces of video gear in 2024...

Our Top 5 Camera Gear Picks for 2024!

Let us start out by saying, this headline is a tad misleading 😅 These are picks from what we currently own and have operated with long enough to know we’re going to love continuing to use them in 2024! This is, by no means, the best, newest releases or “must haves” for 2024. Let us also just say that it wasn’t always like this. Staying true to one of our core values “Do The Best With What You Have” we’ve always made lesser, cheaper gear work. It’s only when we feel we’ve maxed out the capacity and potential of those pieces of gear that we hit the green light on purchasing newer, “better” gear! With all of that said, the list you’ve been waiting for:

Our Top 5 Pieces of Video Gear for 2024

1. Sony FX6 - The Powerhouse Cinema Camera

Ever since we’ve had the Fx6, it’s been our workhorse. It’s been put through long hours and a whole host of different environments. It’s stood true to it’s quality. For a cinema camera, it’s relatively compact, it’s durable, it shoots 4K, has built-in ND filters (our favorite feature), and has incredible low-light capabilities! All that among a host of other professional grade features. It’s a “Netflix approved” camera, whatever that means 🙄 but certainly lives up to the hype. Whether you're a seasoned filmmaker or a content creator on the rise, the FX6 is designed to meet your diverse shooting needs.

2. Nanlite Lighting - Illuminate Your Vision

Lighting is the key to crafting captivating visuals, and Nanlite takes it to the next level. Our second pick, with good reason, is ANY Nanlite Lighting. From soft and diffused to dynamic and colorful, Nanlite lighting empowers you to shape the mood and atmosphere of your shots effortlessly. We could go on-and-on (and we have) about the different products we use from Nanlite, but we’ll save you the time in the newsletter. If you’d like to check out our deeper thoughts and feelings about Nanlite, you can go check out our (backup) YouTube page to see more! We’re relaunching a new, less confusing and more targeted Youtube channel, bear with us!

3. Rhino Arc II Slider - Fluid Cinematic Movements

The Rhino Slider has played a crucial role in making our content and our clients’ content more dynamic. Instead of two static angles, the slider provides a consistent, smooth, and dependable second camera movement that spices up any piece of content. It’s a game-changer in camera movement technology. Slides, pans, tilts, we’ve done it all with the Rhino slider. Whether you're shooting narrative films, documentaries, or commercials, the Rhino Arc II Slider adds a cinematic touch to your footage, making every frame an unforgettable visual experience. We won’t lie, we have a few design suggestions after using this slider so many times, however, we keep coming back to it!

4. Rode NTG3 - Crystal Clear Audio

Audio is half the picture, and the Rode NTG3 shotgun microphone ensures that your sound quality is as exceptional as your visuals. With superior broadcast-grade audio capture and a robust design, the NTG3 is the perfect companion for any shooting environment, ensuring your audience hears every nuance of your story. There’s really nothing more to say, we love this thing.

5. Impact 86" Boom Arm - Reach New Heights

Bear with us, this isn’t the most exciting piece of gear, but it’s proven SO helpful on almost every shoot we go on. With the Impact 86" Boom Arm we’ve lifted and boomed countless backlights in different scenarios to make our subjects pop. A versatile tool for achieving unique lighting angles and looks. This boom arm provides the flexibility and stability you need to push your boundaries and create awe-inspiring visuals through great lighting. Rest assured, there’s even more uses for the boom arm than just lighting! Throw a camera on it to gain unique perspectives! There’s no telling the limitations this boom arm has!

Bonus Item: Proaim Victor Lite 48" Film Cart - The Ultimate Production Companion

We have to be brutally honest..this is a bonus item because we’ve only recently ordered this and have yet to take it on an actual shoot. But we have done a build out and accessories video (coming soon on YouTube) so we know our way around it! We’ve done the Costco wagons, we’ve built the DIY carts, and those certainly have their places as budget-friendly, make-it-work solutions. Trust me, we rock with that! But it was time we make a bigger investment and see what all the hype was about for a “real film cart.” Let us tell you something, this thing is MEAN. Efficiency meets mobility with the Proaim Victor Lite 48" Film Cart. This robust cart is designed to carry all your essential gear, keeping everything organized and within arm's reach on set. Say goodbye to scattered equipment and hello to seamless production workflows.

At Glory Visuals, we believe that exceptional tools empower extraordinary storytellers. But don’t let that be an excuse to not start! We stand by our core value of “Do The Best With What You Have” and would encourage everyone to start with the gear you are able to afford and make it work. It will make you better and more appreciative in the long run. But when you’re ready, elevate your filmmaking journey with our Top 5 Camera Gear Picks for 2024!

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